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Swoon Talent is a synergy between a talent manager and a publicist for established and rising on-camera lifestyle experts and tastemakers.

Created by a TV producer for TV producers, our platform will help maximize national exposure, harvest TV opportunities, fine-tune brands and nurture our client’s on-camera skills.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between you and the media by making it easier for professionals in the entertainment industry to discover fantastic, turn-key ready on-camera experts.

Swoon is owned and operated by three- time Emmy® Award winning national daytime talk show producer Donna Benner. She’s leveraged a remarkable three decades of local and national television experience advancing the television careers of tens of thousands of lifestyle experts.

Her iconic success and long-standing contacts in the broadcast industry makes it possible to open doors for top-notch lifestyle experts in food, health, fitness, beauty, gardening, travel, DIY, fashion, interior design, real estate, and self-care.

Check out a few of our star lifestyle experts who are enjoying the limelight and making an impact in the lifestyle industry: Matt Adlard, Jamie Hess and Adrianne Calvo.

Jason Goldstein

Comfort Food Chef

Veena Crownholm

DIYer & Crafter

Personal Shopper Rayne Parvis

Rayne Parvis

Personal Shopper

Dr. Yalda Safai sitting at her desk with computer

Dr. Yalda Safai


Chris Valdes


Betina Gozo Shimonek

Fitness Expert

Roxanne Carne

Personal Stylist

Chef Lauren Van Liew is a chef and caterer based in new Jersey

Lauren Van Liew

Chef and Caterer

Baker Matt Adlard with cake

Matt Adlard

Pastry Chef

Patricia Bannan with loaf of bread on head

Patricia Bannan

Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian

Jerry James Stone

Kitchen Hack Expert

What TV Heavy Hitters Say About Donna Benner

  • “I’ve worked with Donna on three national talk shows and she’s one of the best. Her wealth of knowledge makes her a fantastic producer, coach, teacher and mentor.”

    Maury Povich - NBC Universal/Talk Show Host
  • “Swoon Talent is a dream come true for casting producers. So easy to find great talent for national TV shows in a flash.”

    Katie Hance - Casting Producer/Levity Entertainment Group
  • “Donna was my first mentor in the daytime talk genre. The knowledge and insight I gained from her is invaluable. Her keen story sense and ability to connect with star talent and guests is unparalleled. She is also a dream boss who has a tremendous work ethic and inspires and encourages her staff.”

    Dan Sterchele - Producer/The Kelly Clarkson Show, NBC Universal
  • David Noll and his team came to Swoon looking for talent for his new national show. Our Eddie Zamora The Yum Yum Foodie was chosen. David says this about Eddie, “Eddie is the BESSSTTTT!!!! Talented, hardworking, a great person and crazy handsome.”

    David Noll - TV Show Creator/ Food Network’s Chopped, Chopped Jr, Face The Truth, Dinner Takes All
  •  “Donna Benner truly taught me everything I know about this business. She gave me my radar and my gut for what makes great TV! Lifestyle Experts are lucky to have Donna’s professional guidance.”

    Ed Connolly - Producer/Live With Kelly And Mark
  • “I worked with Donna on several national talk shows. She is a terrific Executive Producer with an instinct for creative, audience-grabbing shows that raise the bar.”

    Dean Gordon - Director Wendy Williams Show
  • “I’ve known Donna for 25 years and she has an incredible instinct for spotting and  grooming on-air talent. I’m a Network TV Executive in Los Angeles responsible for procuring talent and developing programs. The Swoon Talent concept is a perfect platform for producers who need to find top notch lifestyle experts. Swoon Talent  is a great model and tool for people in the industry to discover great talent and secure them at a moments notice. Many of my colleagues use Donna Benner’s services.”

    Jodi Roth - Senior Vice President Specials/CBS Network
  • “Donna has the unique ability as a TV Producer to simply know what an audience wants to see. She then can execute an idea and make it into a great television show. That’s a talent that cannot be taught.”

    Joanna Parides Sims - Two-Time Emmy® winning Supervising Producer/ Rachael Ray Show
  • “Donna has the unique ability as a TV Producer to simply know what an audience wants to see and then can execute it and make it great television. That’s a talent that cannot be taught. It’s pure instinct!”

    Burt Dubrow - Former Executive Producer Dr. Drew on HLN, Senior Executive Producer Daily Beast LIVE-TEGNA TV Stations

Founder Donna Benner’s Daytime TV Legacy



Swoon Talent was created by three-time Emmy award winning national talk show producer Donna Benner. Donna has more than twenty-five years of television experience and her knack for hand-picking, cultivating and nurturing on-camera talent is legendary. She's worked with countless trailblazers in TV and has long-standing relationships with producers and show developers who trust and respect Donna's expertise.


Swoon is for on-camera lifestyle experts who earn a living at their craft and who are looking for industry exposure. We understand how difficult it is to connect with talk show senior producers, network executives and production company SVP's of development. And so, unlike outdated traditional talent agencies, we brand and mentor experts to enhance appeal and increase their chances of getting discovered.


Swoon Talent is a personalized one-stop-shop for broadcast and print outlets who are looking for seasoned lifestyle hosts, talk show guests, correspondents, reality show contestants, and brand spokespeople. Our boutique lifestyle agency makes it easy for you to select personalities because we streamline the selection process. This is a FREE service for the media. We can even help cast national television projects.,

Working With Donna Is Like Having
Your Own Own Personal TV Producer

Do you need to maximize your exposure to the media and help fine-tune your brand? Please submit your credentials through our simple submission form or email Swoon Founder and CEO Donna Benner personally reviews each potential client.

In addition to packaging your brand and receiving an exclusive listing on our high traffic site, Donna and her team also offer one-on-one pitching, on-camera performance coaching, PR services and talent reel production. But the first step is to tell us how fabulous you are!

Star Studded Reviews from Our Lifestyle Experts

  • “Donna Benner is brilliant! She knows exactly what producers are looking for. Swoon is a top-notch company who helps both producers and talent find each other in a more efficient way. I’ve been working with Donna for over 2 years and she has helped me establish my career in ways that once seemed impossible. She produced my talent reel which helped me get booked 17 times on the TODAY Show and Rachael Ray. I cannot recommend her enough!”

    Lauren Greutman - Frugal Living Expert
  • “Donna is the consummate pro. Always there with top notch advice. She is leaps and bounds of above the rest and her knowledge of the business is unsurpassed. Working with her has been a pleasure.”

    Eddie Zamora - Foodie Influencer
  • “Donna Benner, thank you for believing in me and helping me share the MM brand with the world.”

    Marla Meridith - Food Blogger/Influencer/Cookbook Author
  • “In working with Donna for 18+ months, I have been astounded with her proactive work to help me achieve my goals. She is unrelenting in exploring new and novel routes to market my content. The times I have met with disappointment, Donna has been in my corner spinning our message and delivery mechanisms to optimize my road to success.”

    Marlene Simon - Gardner
  • “Donna has been a treasured resource in the trajectory of my career as an on-air lifestyle expert. Not only has she helped me hone my brand, messaging, & on-air presence, but she is an absolute expert in knowing what producers & bookers REALLY want. I cherish her educated opinions & straight-shoot delivery (so rare!) and am proud to count her as not only a member of my professional team, but a friend as well.”

    Jamie Hess - QVC Brand Host & Wellness Expert
  • “I’ve been represented by Swoon Talent for over one year and Donna Benner is extraordinary! Swoon presents and operates much differently from your typical dime-a-dozen talent agency, and for good reasons. Donna is intricately involved in shaping, promoting, and championing her talent. We talk regularly, via phone and email, and our conversations are always insightful. Her decades of experience producing talk shows gives her an unrivaled knowledge of what the media is looking for. Her directory of real relationships she has built with industry decision makers ALONE is worth your submission.”

    Ashley Mengwasser - Lifestyle Host
  • “My experience with Donna has been nothing short of amazing! She helped me land my first national TV show. Donna makes time to work with all of her clients carefully helping with our brand, our message and overall goal in this industry. You not only gain exposure and amazing opportunities through Swoon Talent, you gain a mentor, a cheerleader, and a professional team with your very best interest in mind!”

    Jada Rashawn - Child Care Expert
  • “Donna at Swoon Talent is the best of the best in this business. She’s incredibly gifted in recognizing potential and understanding the business of media and broadcast. Her no- nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air in the industry and I’m confident that I’m in excellent hands. Her insights and feedback have proven to be invaluable to my brand. The benefits of having a champion like Donna Benner cannot be overstated.”

    Kathleen Ashmore - TiKTok Chef & Former Producer on Martha Stewart Show
  • “One of the best pieces of advice I’ve given is to create a team of experts who can help guide you in different aspects of your career – @swoontalentagency is one of those experts! Working with Donna Benner has been a real game changer.”

    Kae Lani Palmisan - Emmy Award Wining Food Host & Food Journalist
  • “Donna Benner was instrumental in getting me exposed to thousands of people through Swoon Talent. She booked me on several national shows and landed me a regular spot on a daytime talk show. She’s a talented image maker and a savvy PR and social media force.”

    Dr. Annie Negrin - Medical Expert