Donna Benner

Swoon Talent Founder & CEO

Three-Time Emmy Winning National Talk Show Producer

Donna Benner, the visionary behind Swoon Talent, boasts an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the realm of lifestyle, celebrity, and relationship talk television. A recipient of multiple Emmy® Awards, Donna’s influence has left an indelible mark on the landscape of daytime syndication. Renowned for her role in producing some of New York’s most successful, iconic, and groundbreaking shows, she has been instrumental in shaping the television careers of numerous luminaries, including Matt Lauer, Maury Povich, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Ricki Lake.

Her extensive broadcast experience includes working for NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Disney Television Group, Columbia TriStar Television, Sony Pictures, Dick Clark Productions, and ABC and CBS Networks. Throughout her career, Donna has not only produced successful talk shows but has also mentored and coached thousands of talk show guests, nurturing their potential in the spotlight.

A graduate of Temple University, Donna’s dedication to her alma mater extends beyond her professional endeavors. As a former Adjunct Professor in The Klein College of Media and Communication, she taught the next generation of media professionals who would help reshape daytime talk.

Outside the realm of television, Donna’s familial ties reflect her passion for broadcasting. Her twin daughters are a testament to her enduring legacy. Alex was on the Los Angeles and New York production staffs of The Real, Wendy Williams and the LadyGang Podcast. Currently, she’s the Senior Manager of CBS Branded Content in New York City. Chloe started out as an integrated producer for Eleven Advertising in San Francisco and is now the Resourcing/Operations Manager for the virtual production content studio in Los Angeles, Scout House.

In her personal life, Donna is married to Dr. Jeffrey Ingber, a prominent figure in Philadelphia’s dental community as part of the Amsterdam Dental Group. Together, they embody a commitment to excellence and innovation in their respective fields, enriching their community and beyond.