FAQs For The Media

There’s absolutely no cost to the media for our services. We developed our company to benefit and assist the media when looking for turn key ready on-camera lifestyle experts.

No. It’s beneficial for you to contact multi-Emmy award winning national talk show producer Donna Benner so she can properly brief our clients and help them prepare for successful appearances. She acts as their publicist and representative. Please reach out to Donna Benner for ALL inquiries donna@swoontalent.com

We understand deadlines! We’re very in tune with time sensitive matters and answer all inquiries immediately.

Yes! Highlighting our expert’s strengths is our strong suit based on Donna’s years of television production experience.

Donna Benner and our talent’s legal representative for complex contracts.

We like to stay on top of successful bookings, so please go through Donna Benner directly so we can secure the booking faster and more efficiently.  We can also help develop segment topics to assure another successful booking.

Yes! We operate in real time and make sure our client’s information is current and relevant. You’re also encouraged to request additional materials.

Yes! We are proud of our lifestyle experts and love promoting and bragging about their achievements on social media.

YES! We lightly train our lifestyle experts for performance as well as enlighten them on professional behavior on set.

No, we have many lifestyle experts who have just signed on with us and are in the process of going public on Swoon Talent.