Julie Loven – Crafter

Julie has appeared on over 300 talk shows with her DIY craft projects

Julie Loven – Crafter


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Meet Julie Loven – Crafter

Lifestyle Expert Julie Loven, The Effortless Girl, is a DIY expert and crafter. She’s appeared on over 500 talk shows, from Raleigh, North Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This translates to over 1000 do it yourself DIY TV segments for the holidays, celebrations, home décor, gardening, food and kid crafts.


Julie is known for making simple, clever and pretty projects that are inexpensive and take only a few steps. Some of her DIY creations include how to make Thanksgiving pumpkins out of dryer ducks, how to make paper flowers out of old book pages, repurposing old household items into trendy home décor, and even the art of making faux vintage mercury glass.


We discovered our seasoned on-camera DIY lifestyle expert in a small rural community in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. Julie Loven lives in Linville with a population of only 310, and her imaginative DIY skills go way back to her childhood. Julie comes from humble beginnings and became a DIYer out of necessity. Because money was tight, making things by hand was a way of life for her large family. If something was needed or wanted it had to be made, often with what ever was around the house… and definitely with lots of imagination.

Her talent was passed on from her mother, skilled at DIY and the original Effortless Girl who made sure her children learned a variety of skills, from playing the violin, repairing a ripped dress to changing tires.

Her mantra, “We aren’t all Martha Stewart. So, throw perfection out the window and remember fun and fabulous can be effortless”.

There has definitely been a recent DIY boom. So check out some of Julie Loven’s DIY ideas. charlotteparent.com