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Lauren Cobello (formally Greutman) is a frugal living expert and financial coach. She’s combined her experience as a drug and alcohol counselor with her personal finance education to help women get out of debt, create financial freedom for their families and protect themselves from financial abuse. Lauren’s third book, The Recovering Spender (Hachette 2016) was Amazon’s #1 best seller in the area of finance.

Lauren founded one of the most successful money saving websites in the country. With over two million visits a month, she helps women escape paralyzing debt, take back control of their finances and live happily within their means. Her fan base on social media is also helping her 300K+ followers curb their compulsion to spend.

Her newest project is hosting Hard Money Talks podcast and live streaming show. Lauren combines her addiction counseling background to uncover the reasons why so many of us are failing with their finances. The program tackles hard financial topics such as financial abuse, spending addictions, financial infidelity, hidden addictions (sex and gambling), even marriage issues, mental health and poverty mentalities.


Not worrying about paying the bills wasn’t always the case for Lauren. In 2006, she seemed to have it all. She had a custom built home, luxury cars and closets full of clothes. Lauren had all the bells and whistles that credit cards, bank loans, and money could buy. She was so consumed with keeping up appearances that before she knew it, Lauren was 40K in debt. She remembers sitting in bed one night surrounded by a mountain of bills. She was embarrassed and scared. It was such a dark and desperate time that she saw no hope. Lauren had lost her connection to the things that really mattered, like family and her children. Chasing the American dream and Lauren’s overspending had led her down the wrong path and she needed to find a way to control her finances. Lauren had no choice but to STOP shopping. She taught herself how to save money, shop smart, and live within her means. Today, she and her family live completely debt free in upstate New York.


Lauren has extensive media experience and has appeared on the Today show twenty-one times. She also appears regularly on Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray. She’s been a guest on Good Morning AmericaFox and Friends, Hallmark’s Home & FamilyNightline, Good Day New York, and  has been quoted in RedbookConsumer ReportsFamily Circle,,,,,,, and Real Simple.

She isn’t the typical cookie cutter, Pinterest perfect mom blogger. Keeping it real and honest is more her style. Her followers embrace her rawness and honesty. Who are they? Primarily working mothers with two or more young children between the ages of thirty and forty-five who are busy, educated women looking for ways to not only stretch their time, but their budgets as well.