Yalda Safai, MD

Dr. Safai in lab coat sitting backstage at GMA by window overlooking Times Square

Dr. Safai is a seasoned mental health guest on national news/talk programs.

Yalda on set at Scripps News

Dr. Safai is a seasoned mental health guest on national news/talk programs.

On set at GMA

Dr. Safai is a seasoned mental health guest on national news/talk programs.


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Meet Yalda Safai, MD

Yalda Safai, MD, MPH is a bi-coastal psychiatrist and medical expert based in New York City and Los Angeles. A sought-after seasoned guest on news and talk shows, she’s appeared on live TV over 50 times in the past year.

Dr. Safai started her medical journalism career in  ABC’s News Medical Unit Resident Program. She worked alongside producers and chief medical correspondent and co-host of GMA3 Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Yalda was responsible for editing and writing medical scripts, and authored articles on the latest health topics on ABC News and Good Morning America.


Today, Yalda is part of a solid regular lineup of medical guests delivering health information for a variety of networks – ABC News, Good Morning America, Fox News, NewsNation, Court TV and Dr. Phil.

Excellent at adhering to time sensitive newsroom deadlines, producers and bookers know they can depend on Safai to quickly discuss a variety of medical news as stories break; from Alex Murdaugh’s body language during his infamous murder trial, Victoria Secret’s photoshopping secrets, social media’s damaging effects on young girls, the health risks of cold plunges and poor air quality, transgender rights in the school system and the dangers of unregulated supplements.


Yalda is the Chief Psychiatrist at the family residential mental health care facility  Bridges to Recovery  located in Beverly Hills, California.

She’s also commitment to help end the drug epidemic in America and is involved in mental health treatment for prisoners. To help support recovery and a successful reentry into the community, she counsels inmates suffering with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders at a California prison.


The daughter of a psychiatrist, Yalda followed in her father’s career path and moved from Iran when she was 18 to attend the University of California. She then went on to pursue both a medical degree and master’s degree in public health (MPH), completing her psychiatry training at New York Medical College.

Dr. Yalda Safai is licensed to practice psychiatry in New York, California, Connecticut, and Florida.